Who We Are

Jordan’s Dream Fund was established in 2017 after the passing of 28-year-old Jordan Andrew Singer (1988-2017). While fighting an inspirational five-year battle with epithelioid sarcoma, Jordan befriended other young adults engaged in their own battles with cancer and realized that so many of the struggles of this age group are often overlooked by the larger population. Young adults are just starting their careers and thinking about starting a family. Unfortunately, they often don’t have the same economic and medical resources at their disposal that older adults have.

Jordan was extremely appreciative that he was able to receive the best care in the world, thanks to the generosity and love of his family. He had a strong support system from his adoring wife, his parents, his siblings and an extended network of family and friends. Additionally, he had the resources and support system to pursue his dreams and outside interests, including golf, New England sports, cooking, world travel, fine dining and his four-legged best friend, Brady. Without a doubt, these activities helped maximize his quality of life and steel his resolve to fight the disease, but he also realized that not everyone had these advantages.

That’s how he formed the idea for Jordan’s Dream Fund. Jordan cared deeply about others and always wanted to extend a hand when he could. Jordan decided that he wanted to continue to assist others who were less fortunate than him fight their disease(s) and help maximize and enrich their ever-changing lives. We now ask you to help support that mission, so we can help others in a similar situation live their lives and their dreams just like Jordan did.