24 Sep, 2017

Jog for Jordy

On Sunday September 24, 2017, Nick Brattan will be running a half marathon in memory of our friend, Jordan Singer. While this is technically called the Half Marathon by-the-sea (in Manchester, MA), he is personally referring to this as the ‘Jog for Jordy’ because Jordan loved his alliterations. To Nick, this is much more than a race. This is an opportunity to raise awareness about Sarcoma, it’s an opportunity to raise money for this wonderful cause, and most of all it’s an opportunity to share Jordan’s story and passion for helping others.

This will be Nick’s first half marathon ever – the longest race he’s ever run is a 5K – so he is expecting it to be extremely challenging. This challenge is fitting though because Jordan approached every challenge he faced with a smile on his face and determination in his eyes. So please join Nick as he attempts to bring a fraction of the drive that Jordan exuded on a daily basis to the Jog for Jordy. All proceeds will go to the Jordan Dream Fund and help other individuals in their fight against cancer.

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